Organizers & Partners

The first edition of the EU TalentOn is an initiative by the European Commission. The pilot is co-created with Leiden2022 European City of Science. Furthermore, the EU TalentOn is a flagship event during the European Year of Youth.

We work together with two main partners, whose collaboration we gratefully acknowledge: Lorentz Center and PLNT.

Lorentz Center
The Lorentz Center is a workshop center that hosts international scientific meetings of typically one week.
Our workshops are characterized by an open and interactive atmosphere and their high scientific quality. Daring workshops are very much welcome. 
We aim to bring scientific fields and minds together and we endorse diversity in the broad sense: scientific level, gender, culture and geography.

PLNT encourages startups to emerge and makes them grow. We stimulate, facilitate and support talent to become innovative entrepreneurs. We bring together the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship, literally as well as figuratively. We strive towards innovation and independence. Both are prompted by an intrinsic desire to make a difference in tomorrow’s world. At PLNT, they come together. Because when worlds meet, growth follows.