For this challenge, work together with another team playing this game simultaneously. You award points to each other. A maximum of 2 teams can play at this station simultaneously.

  • Spread your team over the 5 chairs, facing each other’s backs.
  • Give one person a piece of paper and let the other person see an image (use Google) of something very simple to draw: for example a car, a house or a flower.
  • This person now describes this image to their team mate, so they can draw the subject. They can describe shapes, textures and sizes, but not describe what exactly to draw.
  • In the end, each person in your team should have drawn once. So 5 drawings per team.
  • When both teams are done, pictures and drawings are shared with each other. The other team playing simultaneously judges the extent to which they look similar.
  • They award 2 points for each drawing that looks similar.