You’ve come to the right page! We are looking for the most motivated and talented young researchers in Europe, to join us in the academic adventure of a lifetime.

So, are you:

  • An academic master’s or phD student connected to a European University?
    • Or in any other way connected to research or academia?
  • Between the ages of 21 and 35 years old?
  • Looking to expand your network in science and industry?
  • Up for a challenge with your future team?
  • Keen to gain scientific experience?
  • Ready to make a positive impact?

Then apply! Europe needs you.

The application deadline for the EU TalentOn has passed and the form to apply is closed. Thanks to everyone who applied! If you would like to join EU TalentOn next edition sign up for the NEWSLETTER and stay tuned.

What’s in it for me

  • Work on solutions for a better world, together with other bright driven minds
  • Team up, work and network with participants from all over Europe
  • Big prizes to be won: at least € 50.000 distributed over several prizes
  • We’ve got you covered: travel, stay and meals are paid for